Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yea. My yarn is here

Because I crochet every day, I have developed a slight case of tendonitis, but I gave my wrist some R&R for 4 days. Now I am ready to get to work on completing this beautiful blanket for my cousin. Not that all of my blankets aren't beautiful, but this one is special. She just delivered an angel, and it was a girl.
While waiting for my order of yarn to arrive, I read a book, (and finished it), watched some TV, and muddled through a batch of crochet patterns, picking out certain ones to make. I believe I'll make a variegated blanket next, and then about 10 hats. 5 for preemies, and 5 for 2-6 month old. I'm going to have a lot of fun. I'll post them on youtube for all to see, as soon as I get them finished. Just go to (keepingbabieswarm) in youtube, and some of the blankets are there.
I think I'll rest the wrist for one more day, and start fresh in the morning.
I'm going to bed earlier tonight, just to awake early so I can get started. After breakfast, of course.
I can't wait!!!


  1. Finally. I can finish my blanket I;m crocheting for a cousin who just delivered an angel.
    The waiting for my yarn to arrive allowed me to rest my wrist.

  2. Breakfast finished, now I can start my crocheting for the day. I will do 15 rows before dinner and after dinner, I hope to do at least 15 more rows. I have to be careful and rest my wrist

  3. I've finished my blanket for Ayara, now I'm putting on the border. Can't wait for everyone to see it. It's my first try at this border. Hope it works, but mainly looks pretty.