Saturday, May 2, 2009

Completed blankets

I just completed my second blanket for the month of April. One is for my cousin in Virginia for her newborn. I'm waiting for her address to ship. I hope the baby won't be 18 years old by the time she gets it. If that may be the case, then she'll be able to use it for her child. LOL!
I know I'm 2 days behind, but I started one last night about cats. My aim is to crochet two blankets a month, along with a few caps with any left over yarn. This is my first one for the month of May. Hopefully I get this one completed in a couple of days because I purchased some variagated yarn, and I can't wait to begin my first blanket with variagated.
This one just may be either shells, or a large granny or a round. I haven't made up my mind yet. I know it will be beautiful when finished which ever way I go. My next challenge is going to be a baby bunting. Never tried one, but I'm going to go for it as soon as I complete my May blankets.

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