Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where are some crocheters?

Okay, we're almost mid-May, and I'm working on two blankets for the month. I went to the store and went wild buying yarn, but I'm happy, happy, happy.
Completing my two blankets by the end of this week, then I'm going to crochet a Tunisian blanket for the first time. This is going to be fun. This will be my 7th blanket so far this year. As soon as I get enough to fill up my plastic bag, (a zipped bag which held a comforter), they will go to a Family Service Center. The last batch went to a Child Care Center.
Today, I'm going to search out how I can entertain people from my city to join me and crochet blankets for babies before the weather turns ugly cold. It's going to be a big job, but I'm up for it.
We all need babies to feel a huggable blanket wrapped around them with stitches made from love.
Here's something I want many to know, which I had not written before, and maybe you'll recognize who I am. Born and raised, and still residing in Philadelphia, my name was Katherine Miller. I went to Kenderton Elementary at 15th & Ontario Sts. After I graduated from Kenderton, which was a very big thing, I went on to Gillespie Jr. High in Nicetown. After I graduated from Gillespie, which was another big thing, I went next door to Simon Gratz Senior High. My sisters, Anna, and Marcella, and brother, Walt, all went to the same schools, along with everyone who lived in and around our street, which was Carlisle Street in Tioga. There was so much love in our small community. All families looked out for each other. We had block parties, (sans fights, guns, liquor), hay rides, and street games, Bible School, lamplighter, real Italian ice, horse-drawn iceman, door to door milk delivery, Bogaslofsky's bakery at Broad & Erie, and street patrolman Frank Rizzo. We had it all in our community in Tioga.
If you know me, email me at Put your name in the subject box so I won't delete it, or go to my Katherine Lewis facebook page and check me out.

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